Your chance to "WIN" the 2018 FIFA World Cup!


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SOLD OUT! For those of you who joined the Storm World Cup Sweepstakes Fundraiser, the draw for teams has taken place. Read on to find out who has each team. Cash prizes for the top four finishers....

*Update* May 21st: Team draw complete!

Team                      "Owner"      

Switzerland                  John Webber
Denmark                      George Clarke 
Panama                       Ferguson Family
Nigeria                         Kingsley Gale   
Mexico                         Kari Velocci
Belgium                       Simon Wilson 
Peru                             David Lincourt
Sweden                        Roger Harlow
Senegal                        Karen McDonald
Russia                          Robbie Colter     
Saudia Arabia              Stuart Thompson 
Australia                       Cathy Clarke
Morocco                       Thomas Colter
Japan                           Greg Bonnell
Uruguay                        Derrick Bona 
Spain                            Jude Ronayne
Brazil                            Robert Gouchie
Croatia                          Owen Johnsen  
Germany                       Sean Andrew
South Korea                  Dave Haig
Poland                           Laurene Rehman
Costa Rica                     Donna Gallant
Serbia                             Colin Wills
 Iran                                Lee Conrad 
Tunisia                            Mark Harper
Argentina                        Jennifer Lockyer
Columbia                        Dave Haig
Iceland                            Keith Carlaw
France                             Keith Carlaw
England                          Jay McCurdy
Portugal                          Stuart Thompson 
Egypt                              Mark Harper          

Best of luck everyone and thank you for your support! 

It's your chance to WIN cash!

If you're looking for a chance to support Storm and want to sit back and relax as you watch the World Cup, then this fundraiser is for you! No player picks to make, no stats to follow....just pay your entry fee and cross your fingers.

Odds of winning are great, as only 32 teams are being sold!

World Cup Sweepstakes Rules:

1. Cost to play is $20 (cash, cheque made payable to Storm Soccer Club or e-transfer to 

2. Once all 32 spots are sold, the random draw will take place. All 32 teams are placed in a hat and the 32 participant names are placed in another hat. One at a time, a World Cup team is drawn and matched with a name drawn from the entries. 

Storm will receive half the proceeds from the fundraiser and the remaining cash will be split among the "owners" of the winning teams as follows:

First Prize: $200
Second Prize: $60
Third Prize: $40
Fourth Prize: $20 

Winners will be announced at the end of the World Cup, which runs from June 14th, 2018 – July 15th, 2018.

This is a win-win! It's a great way to join in on the excitement of the World Cup and support Storm Soccer at the same time. Get your entry in today!