Upload your team Practice/Game schedule to your mobile device!


Ever wonder when your next practice or game is....? Wonder no more! The schedule can be uploaded right to your mobile device with just a few steps.....

This feature has been available for a while, but it is SUCH a great tool that it deserves a reminder!  

You will no longer wonder when or where your next practice or game is, as it will all conveniently be pushed to the calendar in your phone....including the details on where your team is playing, and against whom!

On your mobile device, simply follow the these steps to make your scheduling (and life!!) easier:

  1.  Go to www.stormsoccerclub.com

  2.  Select your team.

  3.  Tap the "Go To Menu" button.

  4.  Tap on the "schedule" button.

  5.  Underneath the upcoming practice/game schedule, there is a link that says "Subscribe to the entire season schedule for this team".

  6.  Copy the link into your mobile device's calendar program and you will always be informed!!!

There is a HELP button just below this link, as depending on what mobile/calendar you use the importing steps may vary.