Two Silver Medals at the Bruce Wagner Tournament.....

Two Silver Medals at the Bruce Wagner Tournament....

Congratulations are in order for our U15A Boys and U13A Boys, who both brought home silver medals in their divisions at this year's Bruce Wagner Tournament!

Pictured above are the U15A Boys:

(Back row, L to R): Coach Kaven Carpenter, Ben Anderson, Jamison Sapp, Connor Stewart, Mason Hartlen, Jake Pickett, Silas Bonnell, Xavier Coggins, Liam Macauley, Evan Keddy, Meet Mann, Jeet Mann, Nick Kearns, Coach Damien Stewart.

(Front row, L to R): Kiel Rehman, Bryce Carpenter, Tredell Stewart



U13A  Boys (L to R): Dawson Carpenter, Jarmar Berglund-Simmonds, Atticus Hebert-Bryson, Ben Messinger, Zephyr Tomlin, Omar Mdoukh, Lennon Hollett, Manny McCoy, Milo Haig, Reece Thompson, Logan LeClair, Kayden Fraser, Timothy Schwager, Jacob Troini-Willis, Ryshawn Diggs.