Storm orange has travelled 5,711 km to The Gambia....!


Photo courtesy Keegan McGinnis

Looking sharp in orange! It took a little over three months, but the Storm logo has travelled across the globe to be proudly worn by a team from the Solar FC in The Gambia. Read on to find out all the details....

The real potential of sport isn't just about going higher, faster and's real power lies in it's ability to bring communities from around the world together. Simply put?  Sport is a language that everyone understands. Seeing our Storm jerseys on a team halfway around the globe is astounding and Storm couldn't be more pleased to see the players from the Solar FC Essau sporting Storm orange!

According to Pa Madou, representative of Solar FC Essau, the players who will be wearing our Storm jerseys are in the under 12 age group. "The kids are so happy to have them," said Madou. "We also have under 15 and under 20 age categories at Solar." Madou added, "Thank you so much to Storm for the jerseys, it means a lot to the kids and coaches of Solar FC."

Madou said they distributed the Storm jerseys in Soma, which is 176km away in the province in Lower River Region, as well in Essau with the Solar FC team. Madou explained, "The Solar FC team is owned by Luke MacDonald. He organizes soccer tournaments for the boys and girls teams, as well as holding fundraisers to get soccer boots, jerseys, balls, water bottle etc for the teams to use." (Luke is owner of Aerobics First here in Halifax, see original article below for more details on his global outreach efforts....).

Another key player in getting the jerseys to their destination...? Keegan McInnis, owner of My Greatest Play Clothing, a clothing company on a mission to make the world a better place. Inspired by images of African children using soccer balls fashioned out of waste material, My Greatest Play's goal is to provide real soccer balls to a developing country on the Western coast of Africa. 

Keegan took care of arranging the transport and distribution of the jerseys. "We took these pictures the on the first day of our journey upcountry, said Keegan. "The kids were through the roof! If I remember correctly, they were playing in a tournament the following weekend and I undertood that they would be the only team there with jerseys."


Huge thanks are extended to both Keegan McInnis and Luke MacDonald for facilitating this undertaking. Storm couldn't be happier to see our jerseys being worn by such a passionate and enthusiastic group of players.

We encourage you to check out their websites (Aerobics First and My Greatest Play Clothing) so you can find out more on how they are contributing to making a difference in our global community. 

Story first published on Jan 24th, 2018

As a connected community member, Luke MacDonald of "Sparks Fly" believes in the power of partnerships. Luke has engaged volunteers, businesses, service clubs, education departments, and other champions to mobilize resources and Storm Soccer is proud to help his iniative in some small way.....

Storm connected this week with Luke MacDonald, owner of Aerobics First, who was thrilled to accept the donation of 52 (four complete sets) of gently used Storm Soccer game jerseys. 

Luke is the driving force behind the Sparks Fly iniative, a program that has given more than 4,200 stationary bikes to classrooms across the country, to help keep kids engaged and energetic. (To find out more about the Sparks Flyprogram, please click here... to read a recent article in the Chronicle Herald).

Not content with keeping youth active and engaged here at home, Luke also spreads his message globally. Another "division" of the Sparks Fly program is the creation of a football club in The Gambia, called Solar FC - NSGA Essau. Youth from that community who wish to be part of the soccer team have to be willing to give back to their community in order to become a member. (Things like picking up litter in their community would earn them a membership in the Club....).

Thanks to Luke, our Storm jerseys will be headed to The Gambia, who will facilitate their delivery. This will most likely take many, many months, but hopefully we can provide our members with an update once they arrive.

To learn a bit more about Solar FC, please click here to be taken to their Facebook page.