Storm is thrilled to welcome AA Munro as Club sponsor.....


AA Munro Representative Aneill MacCaull with Storm Soccer President Sean Andrew.

Storm is proud to announce that AA Munro Insurance has joined our family of sponsors in a potentially life saving way through the purchase of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) machine. In the business of protecting people, read on to learn more about the strong sense of community at AA Munro.....

Often, when a young player (or perhaps a volunteer coach) collapses on the field, the initial response is hesitation and confusion. Bystanders usually believe at first that the wind has just been knocked out of the player, underestimating the severity of the trauma.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The injury may be life threatening and a quick and appropriate response is necessary. This scenario may be very rare, but access to an AED machine could save lives. Enter new Storm Soccer Club sponsor AA Munro, an insurance company that was founded in Nova Scotia and operates over 20 branches across the province.

Opened in 1944 with several locations across HRM, AA Munro representative Aneill MacCaull says the company believes in maintaining a strong presence in Nova Scotia's rural communities. "In an industry where some companies move out of small towns, we still have solid roots in many smaller communities." Aniell continued, "In fact, our head office is still in Whycocomah, where the first branch opened up almost 75 years ago." 

The Club first connected with AA Munro through Storm parent Leigh-Anne Thompson, Insurance Account Manager at the Lower Sackville branch. Leigh-Anne knew her employer was committed to partnering with organizations that make an impact on youth in the community and she felt that Storm could be a good fit. "AA Munro feels that it's very important to support our co-workers with their passions," said Aneill. "In addition, we are aware that soccer is an activity that is enjoyed by many youth in our province, so we identified Storm as having the criteria of an organization that could benefit from our support". 

There has been a number of heartbreaking stories over the years of young atheletes being struck by sudden cardiac arrest and an AED (Automated External Defribillator) machine has been on Storm's wish list for many years. After discussions with AA Munro, it was decided that the purchase of just such a potentially life saving machine would be ideal for a company that is invested in protecting people from harm.

"The idea of being able to provide Storm with a device that could possibly help in a life threateaning stuation really resonated with us, " said Aneill. "Imagine if the Club was doing ongoing fundraising for this machine and a crisis occured at the field with one of your players or volunteers and you didn't have the machine available. AA Munro thought this was a natural fit in the way of sponsorship."