Meet Our Storm Coaches


If you've ever played a sport, then you know the powerful impact a great coach can have on a team's success. When a coach gives their best, great things can happen on and off the field. Read on to meet Storm's superb winter 2016/17 coaching team....

Storm Soccer Club has a hardworking and dedicated volunteer team of certified coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers that spend countless hours each season with our players.  They are in a position to guide our player's long term development, teach them the skills needed to improve their game, encourage physical fitness, but they also contribute much more.

Motivating, encouraging, giving a gentle push in a new direction, our Storm coaches make a significant impact on a player's overall development. By sharing their knowledge and passion for the game of soccer with their players, they are making a huge contribution to our soccer community.  In alphabetical order, Storm is pleased to introduce you to our roster of coaches for winter 2016/17:

Coach Clark Bain (U15A Boys)

In addition to holding the position as Storm Club President, Clark is one of our most dedicated coaches, enjoying many hours on the pitch. A hockey fan, lover of 4 wheel drive trucks and camping, his "firm but fair" approach to coaching will be instrumental this season on with the U15A Boys. He will no doubt lend his expertise where he can to other teams as well throughout the season.

Coach Paul Black (U13B Boys)

Coach Paul is a seasoned Storm coach, with many summer and winter teams under his belt. Husband and father to three boys, his household is a busy one as they are all involved in organized sport and have a great passion for all things football related!  An avid runner and lover of music, Coach Paul will be helping with the U13B Boys this winter season, as his schedule permits. 

Coach Greg Bonnell (U13B Girls)

Possibly the most positive and upbeat person you will ever meet, Coach Greg is a busy husband, father of two, and business owner. Each week, he manages to carve out time to greet his U13B Girls with enthusiasm and likes nothing better than to put his coaching whistle to good use, especially during a boisterous scrimmage session!  He encourages long term player development, but also ensures the focus is on FUN for the team.  

Coach Nick Boutilier (U15A Boys)

When not behind the wheel of some monster truck, steam roller, or digger-type machine, Nick can be found field side as Assistant Coach with the U15A Boys.  Easy going, but with a competitive streak, Nick puts the boys through their paces each week and is an enthusiastic supporter of all the players he coaches. A husband, father of three, and owner of a construction company, his strong work ethic is passed on to the players he coaches. 

Coach Bob Eagle (U12C Boys)

As a devoted parent who attends every practice and game that his son takes part in, it was only a matter of time before Bob couldn't resist the siren call of Storm looking for dedicated coaches.  He finally succumbed last year and he is now the coach for the U12C Boys this winter season. Welcome aboard Mr. Eagle! (Coolest last name ever...)

Coach David Haig (U10B Boys)

New to Storm this past summer season, Coach Dave agreed that he would be willing to coach his son's team....little did he know the coaches would quickly snap him up and embrace him into the Storm coaching roster! Husband and proud father, Coach Dave will be leading the charge on the U10B boys team this winter season. Storm is happy to have you return Dave!

Coach Mark Harper (Minis U6/U8, U8 Academy)

Mark, one of the three founding members of Storm Soccer Club, is a proud Geordie (he hails from Newcastle, England).  Mark has coached all levels of players, but he has found his niche with our youngest group.  His enthusiasm for the game makes him wildly popular with "his minis" and they have a great time learning the fundamentals of the game with him.  Football is clearly in his DNA, and he seems to have infinite patience with this age group, repeating his mantra endlessly: #TakeATouch #FindYourSpace #SpreadOut. Mark is also a mentor coach this season to some of Storm's older players.

Coach Mike Lynch (U17A Boys)

Coach Mike is among the trio of founding members of Storm Soccer Club, and has a lifelong passion for all things athletic. Soccer, rugby, track and name it, and Mike has done it. (and probably broken at least one bone doing it....).  An Irishman, you can always tell when Mike has come off the pitch, as his face will be bright red - his unbridled enthusiasm for the game is written all over his face! Mike has coached all age levels, both girls and boys, and he will be a huge support for the U17A Boys this winter season.

Coach Rodrigo Machado (U12C Boys)

Adding to the International flavour of Storm's coaching roster is "Coach Ro", who comes to us from Brazil, a country known for its passion for all things football. Rodrigo will be assisting this winter with the U12C Boys as his schedule permits.  With an encyclopediac knowledge of all things football related, Coach Ro is a valuble resource for the Club and its players!

Coach Stuart "Shouty Man" McCormack (U17B Boys)

Known for his "vocal" coaching style, and his "Euro fit" coaching attire, Coach Stuart has been a huge supporter of Storm since its inception. A lifelong Sunderland fan, Stuart lives and breathes football.  His passion and enthusiasm for the game is infectious to all those who have the opportunity to be coached by him, and it's apparent that he derives great joy from watching his players develop over the season. He is known for his powerful voice projection, and can be heard directing his team from the side of the pitch. Stuart also plays for Storm's Senior Men's Master team, and he racks up the steps on his "fitbit" on days when he coaches and plays a game with his own team.

Coach JP Michaud (U13B Girls)

Coach JP has both winter and summer seasons of coaching under his belt, and is coaching the U13B Girls team this winter.  Always a strong supporter of his daughter, JP was always at every practice and game, so coaching was a natural fit for him. JP is a die-hard hockey fan, so Storm is grateful that he has room in his life for soccer as well as his Mooseheads. Always the first at Eric Graves to set up the field for practice, JP's contribution to Storm has been great, and the Club looks forward to having him on board for another season.

Coach Damien Stewart (U13B Boys)

A natural athelete, Coach Damien spent his formative years playing baseball and then football (NOT the soccer type) it was only natural that he be drawn into the coaching pool at Storm! Enthusiastic and eager to learn, Damien is already a certified coach, but is signed up for additonal courses this winter to compliment his skill set. A bit of a card shark, Damien enjoys watching all sports in his down time....take care not to interrupt his football game!

Coach Sean Walker (U13B Boys)

Fairly new to the soccer coaching game is Coach Sean Walker, who is once again stepping up to assist this winter with his son's U13B Boys team. Husband and father of two (three if you count the family pug, Baxter), Sean hit the ground running this past summer season, took his coaching certification course and is now looking forward to the indoor season. Glad to have you on board Sean!

Coach Ian "Shorty" Webster (U15B Boys)

Irish Coach Ian is a force to be reckoned with (both on and off the pitch)! Taking on the U15B Boys this winter season after many years coaching our older players, Ian is beloved by both the players and parents. His exhuberance for the game and their dedication to "his boys" is readily apparent. Coach Ian resides in Lantz, which makes him the coach closest to the East Hants Dome, lucky boy!

Coach Simon Wilson (U17A Boys)

Last, but certainly not least, is Coach Simon Wilson. The third in the trio of founding members of Storm, Simon has been an intregal cog in the Storm wheel since its inception. Also hailing from the UK, Simon's passion for all things football is balanced by his calm, reasonable, and steady presence on the side of the pitch.  Greatly respected in the coaching community, Simon derives great pleasure from seeing his team develop through a season.  Sharing his knowledge of the game, working with his players through rough patches and celebrating a team's triumphs all make....Simon is the back bone of Storm's coaching team!