Gratitude goes out to our Storm community....


Provincials are just around the corner, but our regular practice season has come to an end. The annual end of season parties have taken place, the much anticipated (and crazy competitive) Player vs Parent scrimmage sessions were a hit, massive quantities of cake were consumed....

Our Storm community of players, coaches, parents and siblings were out in full force at our annual end of season parties, bringing another successful summer #stormseason to an energetic end! 

Special thanks to our sponsors, who provided us with a stellar array of prizes.....they were SO well received:

Alscott Air Systems (Keith Carlaw)
Cleves Source for Sports

Huge gratitude is extended to our dedicated and hardworking volunteers, whose efforts all season long have a huge impact on the continued success of our Club. Thanks to you, Storm is small but mighty!

Coaches spend countless hours on the field with our players; teaching, guiding, mentoring. They also haul a trunk full of equipment all over HRM and beyond all summer long.  Developing our players, continuing their own coaching education, introducing our players to their passion for the game.....Storm knows what a valuble asset we have in our team of volunteer coaches.

Team managers are a huge support to our coaches. They communicate with parents, organize tournaments, keep track of jerseys, ref fees, games sheets....their tasks are numerous indeed. A successful season is impossible without your dedication.  

Getting kids to games, practices and tournaments falls on the shoulders of busy parents, who support each other to make logistics work. Many a car pulls up at practice with multiple players hopping out, our Storm parents know it takes a village. Thank you for all the great pictures, tweeting game updates, words of encouragement and support you give our players all season long.

Our hardworking volunteer Board has already been preparing for our upcoming winter 2018/19 season. Things like registration/programming, placement session plans, equipment needs, facility bookings, practice kit, budgeting and scheduling go on all behind the scenes, all year long. Keeping the Club running efficiently requires an incredible amount of work and attention to detail and we are most grateful to our Board members for all of their efforts.

Finally, a word to our long term sponsor, Alscott Air Systems. They have been an incredible supporter of our Club, endorsing our mantra of providing quality soccer programming at affordable rates to all youth in our community. Their sponsorship has made it possible for us to keep our rates as low as possible, keeping us true to our core mission. Gratitude for your continued support!

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