End of Summer Season dates.....


Cake! Prizes! Believe it or not, the annual end of summer season wrap up parties are fast approaching on Aug 21st and Aug 22nd. Read on to find out when your last practice and party night is....

Our last regular practice nights and end of season parties will be held on Tues, Aug 21st for the first group and Weds, Aug 22nd for the second group. 

These will be the last regularly scheduled practices for all groups. (Any teams U13 - U21 that qualify for Provincials may continue to practice after these dates, please check with your team manager.)

As always, there will be a prize draw for the players and many teams use this opportunity for a fun parent scrimmage. Watermelon and cake will be served at the end of practice before the prize draws!

Here is the last practice schedule:

Tuesday, Aug 21st (Rain date of Thurs, Aug 23rd)

6pm - 7pm 

U6 Boys                                       
U6 Girls                                      
U8 Boys Community                
U8 Boys Prospects                   
U8 Girls Community                 
U8 Girls Prospects                   
U9 Boys                                      
U10 Boys                                   
U10 Girls Community               


U12 Boys SC Team 2 (Switched from Weds game night) 
U15A Boys
U17A Girls
U17B Boys                       

Weds, Aug 22nd (Rain date of Fri, Aug 24th)

6pm - 7pm

U10 Boys Community           
U12 Girls                                  
U13B Boys                             
U13B Girls   


U12 Boys Team 1                     
U15B Boys                               
U17A Boys                               
U21 Men