Children around the world love soccer....


Photos courtesy of Anne Woods.

The Storm logo has travelled across the globe to be proudly worn by a team in Johannesburg, South Africa! It took more than two months, with fingers crossed, for the Storm jerseys and cleats to find their way from Dartmouth, NS to Setshabelo, but they made it!

UPDATE!! Nov 4th, 2015

It took more than two months, with fingers crossed, for the Storm jerseys and cleats to find their way from Dartmouth, NS to Setshabelo, in Johannesburg, South Africa....but they finally made it!

Anne Woods has forwarded these pictures of the team in their Storm orange jerseys, and she let us know that Owen, one of the leaders and the Coach of the team, is thrilled with what was sent. It would seem that Storm has another "honorary team" on its roster this winter, and we couldn't be more pleased to see the players at Setshabelo sporting Storm orange.

August 6th, 2015

Read on for details on how Storm Soccer has connected with Setshabelo, a grassroots organization that helps orphaned children who have been affected by HIV/Aids.....

Storm Soccer Club recently received a request from Anne Woods, who was looking for donations of gently used soccer jerseys for a charity close to her heart.  Here, in her own words, Anne describes her experience with Setshabelo:

"My name is Anne Woods and I want to tell you a story about a grass roots registered charity in Johannesburg, South Africa, called SETSHABELO. I was living in Johannesburg in 2008 when I met and fell in love with the leaders and children of this little charity.

Setshabelo, which means “We lift them up” in Zulu, was started about 10 years ago by a group of people who were appalled by the number of children in Thokoza, a township of Johannesburg, orphaned by AIDS. They began an after school program, fed them a meal once a day and helped them attend school.

Over the years, Setshabelo now looks after more than 100 children ages 5-18.  If it wasn’t for Setshabelo, these children would be destitute.  Because of Setshabelo, these children can either remain in their homes with their other siblings, or live with a relative in the community, they go to school, they attend an after school program to help with life skills and homework, they have a hot meal every day and they now have a future.

One of the leaders, Owen, knows how much kids love soccer in South Africa. It’s their passion. He wanted to start a soccer team and asked if any Setshabelo kids were interested. He ended up with so many kids that he formed 2 teams, U-13 and U-15. He asked a friend to volunteer as a coach and they have been playing in a league for 2 years but unfortunately money is extremely tight. He asked me if I knew anybody in Canada who could help with soccer uniforms, cleats, anything. His kids were so enthusiastic but they were very short on supplies. I told him I would help.

When Storm Soccer emailed me to say that the Club would donate items to Setshabelo, saying thank you seemed so inadequate. You have no idea how much these kids will appreciate and enjoy whatever donations they receive. They have so little that any little thing is treasured.

Please visit to learn more about them. I know Owen will be sending me photos of the teams proudly wearing their jerseys.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Storm was pleased to be able to send three full sets of numbered jerseys (53 in total), seven pairs of assorted sized cleats, two keeper jerseys, and ten ballcaps from our own Club sponsor Alscott. We hope the Setshabelo teams enjoy wearing Storm orange, and we look forward to seeing pictures of our logo on a team who has as much passion for soccer as we do!