Eric Graves’ profile has been elevated! The brainchild of Coach Noah Lincourt, Storm’s home field now has our Club logo emblazoned across the pitch. Read on to find out all the details.....

There's nothing like a giant Club logo stretching across the grass to really make a Club's home field really feel like.....home! Noah Lincourt had a spark of creative genius and a contact at Fast Line Striping Systems, so he put the wheels in motion to mark Storm's "territory". 

Huge gratitude is extended to longtime Storm supporter Rose Scott-Lincourt and Fast Line Striping Systems for providing the stencils and paint to make Noah’s creative vision a reality. Fast Line Striping Systems is a manufacturer, sales and service business serving all of North America's asphalt parking, sports field painting and playground stenciling needs. They use a water based acrylic paint manufactured specifically for grass and will not harm or kill turf. 

Special thanks also extended to Craig Moore, Griffen Moore and Rose Moore for helping to apply the logo. Coach Craig from Spider Video took a time lapse of the entire process.....click here to watch how it was done!


For more information on Fast Line Striping Systems, click the logo below....