"Meet Our Youth Coaches" Series Continues....



When a person has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things football related, it's no surprise that at some point, they want to share their passion with others. Cue Coach Ethan McCormack, this week's featured Youth Coach......

Mini Technical Director Mark Harper approached Ethan, a longtime Storm player, to see if he had an interest in joining the ranks of our Youth Mini Coaches for the summer season. Knowing Ethan had a wealth of of experience with the game and has enthusiasm for imparting his wisdom on others, Coach Mark knew he would be a good fit for the program. "When I was asked by Mark to participate," said Ethan, "I thought, let's give it a go." When asked what inspired him to take on the challenge of coaching, Ethan replied simply, "I like the idea of teaching kids to play the beautiful game." 

Ethan arrives at the pitch each week and under the mentorship of Coach Mark, he and the team of other senior and youth coaches work with our U6 and U8 Mini boys and girls. They put the players through a variety of drills, skill sessions and the ever popular scrimmage time, along with a healthy dash of fun. "Coaching has not been without a few challenges and surprises", said Ethan. "Working with the younger kids is teaching me patience for sure. But I love a good challenge."

Coach Ethan says he has learned loads of things from the coaches. "I've taken in drills, techniques and much more that can benefit the players." It's still early days in Ethan's coaching journey, so this summer will be a good litmus test to see if a coaching career will be in his future. Coaching has been a learning curve for Ethan, but there is one thing he is certain of. "I love how inclusive Storm is, they are so welcoming of new players to the club."

It takes quite a bit of time to follow the various football leagues with his eagle eye, as well as fill his cranium chock-a-block with footie facts, figures and stats, so Storm is pleased that Coach Ethan is carving out time this summer to be part of our coaching team.

Thanks Coach Ethan!