Get your 50/50 ticket today....!

Get your 50/50 ticket today....!

Coach Stuart Thompson is on the run!

On Saturday, June 8th, 2019, Stuart will be participating in the "2019 Wascally Wabbit IX", an 82.5 km race in Folly Lake, NS. (Yes, you read that correctly.....82.5km!!)  Stuart will run three loops (27.5 km each) over a mix of everything: gravel roads, buffed out ATV trails, some rocky bits, puddle jumping and brook crossings.

With only 84 days until the big event, he is already in training for the big day; running daily and increasing his distance week by week. In order to help "motivate" Stuart, the Club is running a 50/50 fundraiser with a catch. If we sell all the 50/50 tickets by April 29th, 2019 (the halfway mark until the big day), Stuart has agreed to shave his head live on Facebook!

Only 82 tickets are being sold, one for each km of his Wascally Wabbit" Race! Tickets are $20 each and you can either choose a number from our board of 82 squares, or have one randomly assigned to you. This means that one lucky winner will walk away with a prize of up to $820 and the Club will use the other half for equipment purchases for the summer season.

Your chances are winning are excellent, 1 out of 82! The draw date will be on June 9th, 2019 (or sooner if all the tickets are sold earlier). Remember, our goal is to sell all the tickets by April 29th so Stuart will have to shave his head!

Where can you purchase your $20 ticket? (Cash, cheque or e-transfer accepted):

1. At our in person registration night: Tues, Mar 26th, 6pm - 8pm, North Woodside Community Centre.

2. At our placement sessions at Newbridge Academy on April 15th, 18th, 23rd, 24th and 29th.

3. Contact Susan Goupil at susangoupil@hotmail or text 902.499.0759

4. Contact Stuart Thompson at or text 902.440.6361 


Lottery License # AGD-101502-19