Storm Soccer Club is run by a dedicated group of volunteers who make up our Board. Read on to discover who they are and what they do to help grow our Club.....

Since its inception in 2010, Storm Soccer Club has had many enthusiastic volunteers.  Coaches, team managers, parents and players have all given their time and their efforts have helped the Club become what it is today.  But, did you know that we have a volunteer Board that spends a great deal of time organizing and planning to make sure the Club stays on course?  The list of our Board members is below, along with each person's contact details. Read on to discover a bit more about each of them and their role in the group:


Sean Andrew, President 
Responsibilites of Role

Sean first joined the Storm Board in November 2016 as our HR / Risk Manager. Not content to sit on his laurels, Sean enthusiastically took on the role of Club President and already has a year under his belt. Husband and father to two Storm girls, Sean is also part of our coaching team.  Sean is keen to help our coaches get the education and support they need to promote the long term development of our players. A Star Wars afficiando, Sean is a hockey boy at heart. He has made room in his life for soccer over the last several years, following all the MLS action when he can. (presumably when hockey is not on TV at the same time.....) Always with a smile on his face, his positive attitude and enthusiasm has added fresh energy to the position of President. And the man loves a good Power Point presentation!

Simon Wilson, VP Youth
Responsibilites of Role

Simon is one of the original founding members of Storm and he is also the machine behind the scenes that keeps the Club running.  Coach Simon has done it ALL over the years; organized balancing sessions, managed the coaching roster, ordered equipment, created the season practice schedule (a mind numbing exercise)....you name it, he has done it!  Always cool as a cucumber, he is on everyone's speed dial....we are most grateful for his continued enthusiam and patience. As of November 2017, he has been fulfilling the role of VP Youth, watch for him "large and in charge" at our placement sessions each season. 

VP Minis  (role currently vacant, please email communications@stormsoccerclub.com to apply)
Responsibilites of Role

Karen McDonald, Registrar Youth
Responsibilites of Role

Karen is a Board member from the Club's inception.  Back in the pre-online registration days, Karen would spend countless hours entering every players' details into spreadsheets.  Thankfully, due to to our new registration process, she no longer has to do this, but it has left her with an almost encylopedic knowledge of all the players, parents, coaches, etc....a resource which is often very handy!  A whiz at spreadsheets, her cranium stuffed with NSSL rules and an avid soccer fan herself, she has the answer to most football related questions...and if she doesn't know it, she makes it her personal mission to find out. The only thing she has yet to try at Storm? Coaching! All those in favour of "Coach Karen", say aye.....

Susan Dixon-Lennett, Treasurer
Responsibilites of Role

Susan has been filling the role as Club Treasurer, otherwise known as the "money lady", since November 2014. Treasurer is a key position in any non-profit organization, but "sharp as a tack" Susan is ALL over this role. (woe be tied the person who tries to pull the wool over this ones eyes!). Susan has also been a team manager season after season. Her organizational skills, efficiency and no-nonsense approach make her the ideal candidate to keep an eagle eye over our books.  Susan is also the first to pitch in with any Club fundraising efforts, which makes her a Storm volunteer extraordinaire! 

David Lincourt, HR/Risk Management

Responsibilites of Role

A long time Storm parent, David Lincourt joined the Board as of November 2017.  He is responsible for ensuring our coaches and volunteers have their Criminal Records Check completed and/or up to date, as well as keeping a record of the certifications achieved by our team of coaches. No stranger to volunteering (he served as a Board member of the DMFA (Dartmouth Minor Football Association) and was an avid Scouter for many years), Dave decided to take on a more active role with Storm, a Club he has been a part of almost since its inception.  When Dave is not jet setting around the globe with his work, you can find him working the controls on his drone, or perhaps whipping up a seasonally inspired pie....the man has a dab hand in the kitchen!

Justin Poupart, Secretary
Responsibilites of Role

Justin joined our Board in November of 2016 with great enthusiasm. As Club Secretary, he has made it his misson to keep us all organized and up to date. Wifi code and laptop at the ready, Justin manages to capture the essence of Board meetings almost effortessly, when his computer/email program cooperate. This man can rule the world from behind his trusty laptop! Justin has spent well over a decade living in China with his family, but returned to Canada a few years ago and hit the ground running. We are happy to have him as part of our volunteer board.

Stuart Thompson, Equipment

Responsibilites of Role

A member of our Board since November 2017, Stuart Thompson maintains Storm's equipment supply all year long. Equipment is one of the club's biggest assets and Stuart has taken on this important and time consuming role with gusto, organizing and maintaining Storm's supply of nets, pinnies, cones and never ending supply of balls. A C-Licenced certified coach, Stuart is also a die hard Manchester United fan and (quite possibly) our MOST enthusiastic Storm coach. Born to run, he enjoys  participating in ultra marathons (50km - 82km courses!) and trains regularly to keep himself in shape. When he's not on the pitch coaching this summer, look for Stuart in his second home, our glamorous storage POD at the field. 

Jersey Manager (role currently vacant, please email communications@stormsoccerclub.com​​​​​​​ to apply)

Responsibilites of Role

Susan Goupil, Communications
Responsibilites of Role

Always on the hunt for fresh story ideas for the website, help Susan out by letting her know what you'd like to see. We invite you to send her story ideas for the website, send in your latest pics, or let her know if you there is additional content needed on the website to help keep our members in the loop. Susan is inquisitive (polite way of saying nosy), impatient and will hammer you with a million questions, but she does it in the spirit of getting the Club's news out there.


Jay McCurdy, Facilities
Responsibilites of Role

New to the Board in January 2018, Jay assumed the role of booking the facilities that we use for indoor training and summer use. Keeping our practice venues in order can be a mind boggling task, but it has been a doddle for Jay; his career as a project manager and problem solver puts this role right in his wheelhouse.  A Valley boy who grew up on the Bay of Fundy, Jay became a city mouse after completing a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from Dalhousie. In his spare time, Jay has numerous hobbies; robotics, camping, canoeing, most sports, photography and fly tying. (had to get on the google for that last one!!)  Not one to stand on the sidelines, Jay has also decided to further his involvement with Storm by helping to coach when he can.  


Derrick Bona, Clothing Manager
Responsibilites of Role

New to the Board in Nov 2018, Derrick has enthusiastically agreed to take on the role of Clothing Manager.....this means he's the one you need to contact to get your player kitted out in our Storm orange. A proud Cape Bretoner, Derrick graduated from the Culinary Institute of Canada in 2002. This talented chef has made cooking his passion, the man can prepare bacon in a myriad of ways! One of the Club's most ardent supporters, he also carves out time for his beloved baseball, he's a die hard Blue Jays fan. A family man with a heart of gold, Derrick also enjoys camping, cooking over an outdoor fire and spending his free time relaxing with his wife and kids. Derrick seems happy enough to give up a (not insignificant) corner of his house to store the mountain of Storm practice kit.....all those shorts, shirts and socks take up a lot of room. Thank you for organizing this for the Club, Derrick.....welcome aboard!


Senior Division Board Members:

Karen Endres, VP Senior (karen_endres@hotmail.com)
Kathleen Gawdunyk, Senior Registrar (kathleen.gawdunyk@gmail.com)
Responsibilites of Roles

When Storm was created back in 2010, we operated under the Dartmouth Women's Club umbrella.  In 2013, Storm officially amalgamated with them and both clubs now operate under the banner of Storm Soccer Club.  Depending on the season, Storm has two or three senior women's teams. (Conquerers, Justies and Propellors).  In addition to sitting on our Board as Senior Women's representatives, Karen and Kathleen oversee all the registration and management of these teams.  Storm is very pleased to have these senior teams in our Club, as they provide an outlet for those players who have "graduated' from the youth division. These teams play in the Metro Senior Women's Soccer League (MSWSL).

Stuart McCormack, NSSL Representative (Non Board position)

After two years as VP Youth, Stuart McCormack took on the role of Storm Club President. Now finished with his Presidential term, Stuart was keen to stay active in the Club, so he now represents Storm at NSSL meetings and report back to the Board. Stuart is, without a doubt, one of Storm's most passionate football fans.  He is a lifetime Sunderland supporter, but we know Storm is his second favorite Club.  Stuart is a long time Storm Coach and he always appears ready to coach at a moments notice. (He is usually kitted out in some type of football gear...).  We love his passion for the sport!  Stuart brings to the table a wealth of coaching experience, his vast knowledge of the game and referee calls, as well as an ability to help understand the politics surrounding the administrative side of soccer.